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T65 Healthcare changed how we look at our business entirely. Before we made business decisions based on the limitations of the technology we had. Now our management team is trained to constantly look for more creative ways to get in front of our customers and let tell us if the technology can be built to do the job successfully. Every idea we’ve had to date has been met with a solution and implemented accordingly.
In the first 6 months of working together, we increased the number of leads we could facilitate by 2,316% and increased our customer stick rate by 10%. Prior to using’s automation systems, we employed two full-time administrators to manually delegate leads to sales agents garnered from our various marketing efforts which became incredibly inefficient and highly disorganized. We never really knew what was happening with our leads at any given time.
When we spoke to Richard about this, he and his time devised a solution that allowed us to define specific criteria for how leads would be distributed to our staff in order to increase the likelihood of closing a sale. In addition, because we consolidated all of our various systems into one ERP platform, we can track and report live on every aspect of our business which allows us to make changes to our strategy at any given time. We still work with and plan to continue doing so for the long-term – for the first time we view our ERP provider as a business partner instead of a vendor.”


  • Outrageously successful marketing efforts, but lacked the technology to handle the production.
  • Closing a fraction of their true earning potential.
  • Unscalable – operating costs increased in proportion to sales.


  • Automated over 1,000+ tasks per day.
  • Increased leads facilitated by 2,316% in the first 6 months.
  • Increased sales by 1,236% in the first 6 months.
  • Increased retention rate by 10%.
  • Reduced annual operating expenses by $350,000 in less than 90 days.
  • Tracked and reported on all facets of the business process live.

Managing external teams in real-time became a breeze.  The tools were simple, effective, and training was automated.  The data flowed upward to management in real-time.  Most importantly – it was easy for everyone.


All with the same number of employees.

“Our number of leads generated has increased by 300% since we implemented the lead management software. It’s improved efficiency and marketing performance; our stick rate with customers has improved by 10% while also allowing us to handle more calls. We’ve also seen our expenses go down because we would’ve hired several full-time employees without their automated system.”

Manual payroll became a thing of the past.  Complex commission structures, bonuses, post-dated deals, cancellations, refunds, escalations, all tracked meticulously.

Anywhere from 10-50 Automated tasks run every MINUTE.  Each one would take at least a minute for a human to perform.

Licensed Insurance Advisors LLC
“The streamlining of business functions enabled by StackBoost has been an incredible asset to the company. Their team prioritizes understanding the business and the exact challenge that it is facing and then focuses on solving that problem rather than simply working within rigid software frameworks.”

As long-time Call Center veterans (20+ years), the owners were extremely savvy and had an excellent understanding of lead generation and sales.  The problems and limitations began when they started to 10x their business.

LIA needed a system that could streamline and automate their business while still using remote agents.  As it stood, they were unable to efficiently scale and needed direction, implementation, and maintenance of an IT automation infrastructure that could support their business model.

“Every day we have 12 different products, about 48 carriers and another 61 on the health side, and he [Richard] has streamlined all of the processes that they’re involved in and made a system that is very easy to use. I’ve never had anybody who started once we were using his programs who couldn’t understand and use it within less than a week.”

The priorities:  Scalability.  Ease of use.  Automated.  Full suite of tracking, reporting, and integration.

The Result? 

Licensed Insurance Advisors was able to scale from 10 agents to over 100 agents within one year.

Managing external teams in real-time became a breeze.  The tools were simple, effective, and training was automated.  The data flowed upward to management in real-time.  Most importantly – it was easy for everyone.

“It’s been an incredible asset for our business. One thing I think Richard has got going for him is that not only does he do a great job, but he can go from business need to solution without making you deal with any of the technical drama in between. Some of our agents are 60–65 years old and the program he’s made has been the easiest thing for them to use.”

He is one of the few people I have ever met who can understand what we want from a business perspective and then just build it. He makes things very simple and absolutely intuitive for us to use.”

With all remote agents fully autonomous, Licensed Insurance Advisors finally had the administrative power to scale their business.

BlackHawk Media Group

“To say we were frustrated would be an understatement. While we were a profitable business, it was very clear that our technological infrastructure was the #1 enemy for achieving our full potential. We were working out of Google Sheets company-wide for lead management and distribution, and nearly every other aspect of our business operated out of a different system. We tried off-the-shelf CRMs that offered some improvement, but the true customization we needed to enhance our sales process would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars using a company like Salesforce. After asking some friends in the business for a recommendation, we were introduced to Richard Schaeffer at StackBoost.

Richard and his team took the time to interview us and learn about our business process to identify the most critical areas impacting our company and design a solution that could address them immediately. They treated us like a valued client instead of a number. They sought to design a solution that enhanced our competitive advantage while respecting that we didn’t do business the same way as every other Medical Equipment business and force us into some type of pre-existing platform.

Our most expensive and time-consuming task involved generating medical paperwork and faxing document packages to medical offices for review. built out an automated workflow with one-click functionality that addressed this problem and produce packages based on pre-existing information in the system for each customer. The PDF came out perfect nearly 100% of the time. They even took it one step further by having the system automatically highlight the areas doctors would need to sign, then added another one-click function to digitally fax the paperwork to the appropriate medical office. One package would take administrative staff between 20-25 minutes to complete, now it took less than 5 seconds.”


  • Siloed business process that required sales agents and administrative staff to work out of multiple systems to complete daily business functions.
  • Inadequate technology to manage their business enterprise-wide.
  • A high volume of redundant and repetitive tasks that needed to be done by hand to complete a sale.
  • High-cost per acquisitionIncomplete and inaccurate reporting of business activity.
  • Unscalable – operating costs increased in proportion to sales.


  • Built one-click solutions for medical documents that reduced time to complete from 20-25 minutes to 3 seconds.
  • Built one-click solutions for sales staff to automatically verify customer eligibility through Medicare, Medicaid, PECOS, and Same & Similar on live calls.
  • Time to complete reduced from 3-5 minutes to 3 seconds and increased selling time for agents by 1 hour per day.
  • Automated over 1,000+ tasks per day.
  • Automated lead distribution, management, and follow-up.
  • Reduced annual operating expenses by $250,000 in less than 90 days.
  • Tracked and reported on all facets of the business process live.
Guardian LifeWatch

Guardian LifeWatch’s business was hit hard as a result of COVID-19. Call center employees overseas were not allowed to go to the office, and it put their front-end sales process in jeopardy. Ownership had already invested a sizeable amount of money over the year with teams of engineers to build out A.I. functionality that still hadn’t been completed. Now their business was at risk due to this unprecedented and unforeseen global pandemic.

“I’m not going to say just how much money we spent with other engineers trying to get our A.I. project into production, but it was a lot. When COVID-19 took the world by surprise it uncovered a level of vulnerability to the business we simply weren’t prepared for. A significant portion of our front-end sales process involved leveraging an overseas call center, but now they weren’t allowed to work in an office and we didn’t have the technology infrastructure to support them all working remotely from home. We had been working on building a custom A.I. platform that could replace the call center for close to a year, but it still wasn’t close to completion. We felt like we were boxed into a corner.

I asked around through friends and colleagues for a referral and was introduced to I was told that their team took a unique approach to build specialized solutions for clients that didn’t force them into some type of pre-built platform. The truth is we were somewhat desperate and if they could build what we need I was ready to write a blank check to get it done. However, the team at treated us with respect and an attitude towards securing a long term partnership. They charged us a fraction of what we had paid other engineers to do the job successfully without exploiting our situation, and they did it in a 1/3rd of the time. We have completely replaced our call center operation with the A.I. platform we dreamed of. We are not back to business as usual, we have significantly reduced our overhead and has built out additional automation systems that have increased our lead management, distribution, and closing process that has allowed us to transition from growing to scaling.

We continue to work with today and intend to for the foreseeable future, they are an asset to our organization and I consider them a trusted partner to our leadership team.”



  • Heavily invested in A.I. development that was incomplete after a year of production.
  • Business at risk due to overseas call-center employees being unable to attend work.
  • Siloed business process that required sales agents to work out of multiple systems to complete daily business functions.
  • Incomplete and inaccurate reporting of business activity.
  • Unscalable – operating costs increased in proportion to sales.


  • Successfully replaced an entire call-center with A.I. technology.
    Built out one-click solutions for automating billing functionality.
  • Consolidated all external technology into one centralized platform to streamline the sales process.
  • Automated lead distribution, management, and follow-up.
  • Reduced annual operating expenses by $350,000 in less than 90 days.
  • Tracked and reported on all facets of the business process live.

Who are we?

My name is Zack Ross and I’m the Solutions Director at I previously worked as a Senior Marketing Strategist for financial services businesses. Part of my responsibilities was for research and selection of CRM platforms that would allow us to scale our sales activity successfully – systems that could better manage and automate our sales process, marketing initiatives, lead follow-up, data integrity, enterprise organization, and reporting, etc. I’ve interviewed SalesForce consultants and various “out-of-the-box” CRMs as a customer from a managerial perspective.

Overall my experience could be summed up as frustrating. What I needed was unavailable as a standalone product and too expensive to have custom-built. Most recently I worked as part of the highest producing mortgage teams in the country out of manually managed siloed platforms – this includes two different CRMs, one being SalesForce, an email marketing platform, MMS/SMS mass text service, event software, and more. It required significant hours to oversee all these various pieces of technology that did not speak to each other – we were successful, but it pains me to imagine how much was left on the table now knowing there’s a much more effective way.

The Founder

Richard Schaeffer and I have been friends for many years before he started He’s a brilliant engineer who’s spent the majority of his career as an in-house CRM architect for various healthcare-focused sales businesess designing customized automation based CRM platforms.

A few months ago Richard shared with me that he’d found his calling. He described his years of first-hand observations for the disadvantages of Medicare Advantage and Medigap Insurance Sales Businesses faced when it came to scaling because there was no platform designed to suit their particular needs.

Richard went on in detail for exactly what he saw and how he’d built a solution to the problem that had generated profitable results for clients – including previous employers for a fraction of what he was paid on salary. What I felt was a relief. While I was not in the healthcare business, I empathized with the frustration – this was a systematic problem that transcended industries – and now a real solution was available.

We’ve been working together ever since to help expose our clients to their true potential by leveraging the benefits of technology for selling Medicare Advantage and Medigap Health Insurance on a grander scale.

Richard Schaeffer


Founder, Call Nexus

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