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Why Automation?

Automation is a game-changer on all fronts. Companies are realizing that any task that can be automated is a cost that can be reduced. We like to think of this as freeing up humans for more meaningful work.

Tech companies have been utilizing IT Automation for the better part of the decade, but other industries are just beginning to catch up.

Elon Musk

CEO, Tesla/SpaceX

“There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better than a human. These are not things that I wish will happen. These are simply things that I think probably will happen.”

Mark Cuban

‘Shark’, Shark Tank

“Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years.”


Bill Gates

Founder, Microsoft

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

Sundar Pichai

CEO, Google

“A core, transformative, way by which we’re rehtinking how we’re doing everything.”

Satyr Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

“Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves.”


Jason Fried

CEO, Basecamp

“Customers buy Basecamp without ever having to interact with us. If they do have a question, we handle everything via email. We’ve been in the business of automation. We’ve never really valued full service.”

Case Studies

T65 Healthcare
“StackBoost’s work tripled lead generation and increased customer stick rate by 10%. Their automated system increased workplace efficiency and helped cut expenses. The team was always intelligent, available, and responsive, while also willing to explore many avenues for success.”

Mike and Kyle are two sharp, marketing-minded operators who had just developed an incredibly effective marketing and sales process. They were getting great leads and closing deals through brand-new digital methods.

Operating the business was becoming agony.  The success of their marketing was overwhelming their existing processes and it was becoming more backlogged every day.

The business required thousands and thousands of managerial clicks and tasks to keep the business churning. Lead assignments.  Customer messages.  List management.  Lead management.  Carrier communication.  Policy submission.  Agent calls.  Agent on-boarding.  Campaign maintenance.  Everything done ad-hoc and by hand.

There were wide “cracks” in the CRM system, allowing leads to be lost, data to compile in the metaphorical cellar, enabled by pervasive mis-configurations and sub-optimal design.  Oversight of agents was not feasible.  Sales were lost.  Accountability was difficult.  Any kind of report was created by hand and the business as a whole was fraught with inconsistencies.  Though they were succeeding in making sales, the administrative growing pains were plainly out of control.

And worst of all – there was a hard cap on how many leads could be reasonably worked. When we partnered with T65, they were at their limit.

Over the course of several months, we re-developed their IT infrastructure to accommodate modern automation, tracking, and reporting.

The Results?


Increased Sales per Month from 120 to 750+
Leads per Month from 317 to 7500+

Increased Customer Retention by 10%+
Automated $100k/Month of Labor (250,000+ Manual Tasks Monthly)
Executives Working LESS
Rigorous Oversight, Tracking, and Reporting


All with the same number of employees.

“Our number of leads generated has increased by 300% since we implemented the lead management software. It’s improved efficiency and marketing performance; our stick rate with customers has improved by 10% while also allowing us to handle more calls. We’ve also seen our expenses go down because we would’ve hired several full-time employees without their automated system.”

Manual payroll became a thing of the past.  Complex commission structures, bonuses, post-dated deals, cancellations, refunds, escalations, all tracked meticulously.

Anywhere from 10-50 Automated tasks run every MINUTE.  Each one would take at least a minute for a human to perform.

Licensed Insurance Advisors LLC
“The streamlining of business functions enabled by StackBoost has been an incredible asset to the company. Their team prioritizes understanding the business and the exact challenge that it is facing and then focuses on solving that problem rather than simply working within rigid software frameworks.”

As long-time Call Center veterans (20+ years), the owners were extremely savvy and had an excellent understanding of lead generation and sales.  The problems and limitations began when they started to 10x their business.

LIA needed a system that could streamline and automate their business while still using remote agents.  As it stood, they were unable to efficiently scale and needed direction, implementation, and maintenance of an IT automation infrastructure that could support their business model.

“Every day we have 12 different products, about 48 carriers and another 61 on the health side, and he [Richard] has streamlined all of the processes that they’re involved in and made a system that is very easy to use. I’ve never had anybody who started once we were using his programs who couldn’t understand and use it within less than a week.”

The priorities:  Scalability.  Ease of use.  Automated.  Full suite of tracking, reporting, and integration.

The Result? 

Licensed Insurance Advisors was able to scale from 10 agents to over 100 agents within one year.

Managing external teams in real-time became a breeze.  The tools were simple, effective, and training was automated.  The data flowed upward to management in real-time.  Most importantly – it was easy for everyone.

“It’s been an incredible asset for our business. One thing I think Richard has got going for him is that not only does he do a great job, but he can go from business need to solution without making you deal with any of the technical drama in between. Some of our agents are 60–65 years old and the program he’s made has been the easiest thing for them to use.”

He is one of the few people I have ever met who can understand what we want from a business perspective and then just build it. He makes things very simple and absolutely intuitive for us to use.”

With all remote agents fully autonomous, Licensed Insurance Advisors finally had the administrative power to scale their business.

Some Of Our Preferred Partners

Richard Schaeffer

B.Sc. Computer Science at North Carolina State University

Founder, StackBoost.io

Founder, Call Nexus

Automate.  Streamline.  Integrate.

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