Can you explain “Custom Development” a little more?

Can you explain “Custom Development” a little more?

Zack Lewis : October 7 2020

Custom Development is available to you when you inevitably need to incorporate new functions, features, or integrations into your AgencyStack. This can include:

  • Integrate with a new Quoting Tool

  • Automate a submission with a new carrier

  • Build a new conversion report for a test campaign

Custom development costs are always Guaranteed in advance.

This means that we will review the requirements for you, construct a plan for implementation, and give you a fixed quote for the whole project based on our predicted number of hours. We do require a 50% commission to begin the project with the remaining balance to be paid on the satisfaction of the requirements.

The purpose of custom development is to give you a fixed cost method of “bolting on” new features and ideas to your AgencyStack

One example: For a company, we implemented an AutoPilot bot in Twilio to help customers with common issues. We reviewed their list of common questions and quoted $4,400 to complete the project. They agreed, commissioned, the project, and we completed it in about two weeks. They were satisfied with the result, which saved each of their Customer Service agents 1-3 hours per day on the phone.