What does the Onboarding Process include?

What does the Onboarding Process include?

What does the Onboarding Process include?

Zack Lewis : October 7 2020

“Onboarding” is an easy three-step process to get you up and running:

Meet with Leadership:

AgencyStack is a hybrid off-the-shelf CRM platform – it’s pre-built and ready to fly with a few pieces designed to be tailor-made around your business process. We know you do things differently, and we want to make sure AgencyStack is configured to enhance your way of doing business.

The first step is for our Solutions team to meet with your Leadership team:

  • We’ll learn about your process to design and automate your daily workflows;

  • Identify the most important business metrics you want to track and view every day;

  • Identify all systems used on a daily basis to integrate with AgencyStack and make sure your agents only have to work in one place.

This is typically a 30-minute call, but for those extra excited to dive in we can allocate additional time as desired (we’re just as excited as you are).

System Implementation

The second step is getting you up and running! As long as you are available to answer questions as they come up, that is all we need.

Ongoing Adjustments, Modifications, and On-Demand support

In the beginning, we expect a LOT of communication. This can be from your managers, agents individually, and leadership themselves for any number of clarifications, additions, adjustments, bug fixes, etc. In order to deliver the best quality product, we increase our availability to a near On-Demand level during the first few months of implementation.