Open Enrollment – How to Contact Every Lead Consistently and Still Have Time to Shower

Open Enrollment – How to Contact Every Lead Consistently and Still Have Time to Shower

Open Enrollment – How to Contact Every Lead Consistently and Still Have Time to Shower

Zack Lewis : October 28 2020

Can we please reconnect in January? This is Medicare Open Enrollment and all I do is work and sleep until the end of the year. – Jessica, Brokerage Owner


The above is a real email response I received from a Top Producing agent this week.

Her description of what business is like right now perfectly conveys what most Agents and Agency Owners in the Medicare industry are going through.

This 45-day bonanza is when Brokers strap in and grind it out to capture a sizeable portion of their annual revenue in a very short time span. Your sales production during this period is directly correlated to the time your agents have available to speak with customers, every second counts; and I can assure you that no matter how much you make this OE, without automation you’re not making nearly as much as you should be.


Administrative Tasks Are Not Sales Responsibilities


We can refer to a study by ZoomInfo in 2017 that showed “salespeople spend one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. The rest of their day is filled with exciting non-sales activities like:

  1. Emailing (21%)
  2. Data Entry (17%)
  3. Prospecting & Researching Leads (17%)
  4. Internal Meetings (12%)
  5. Scheduling Calls (12%)

Since time is your most profitable asset during OE, then this is your official list of mortal enemies – every moment you spend engaged with these tasks is literally costing you money.


What Administrative Tasks Can Be Automated?


The truth is almost everything in the Medicare sales process can be automated, the bigger question becomes which parts make sense to automate.

For example, you could automate inbound customer calls using bots to guide the conversation according to a script similar to when you call the IRS. Would this be the most effective use of automation though? Probably not, you’re much more charming, it’s why you’ve made selling your profession.

If we refer back to our enemy hit list, however, we can identify a minimum of three administrative tasks that on average account for 46% of a sales professional’s day we can automate:

  1. Data Entry (17%)
  2. Prospecting & Researching Leads (17%)
  3. Scheduling Calls (12%)
  4. *Emailing (we can eliminate the portion related to following-up with prospects)

To put this into context – if we double the amount of time you have to speak directly with customers and not have to worry about these administrative tasks, technically you should double your business by default all things being equal.


The “How”


Now that we’ve identified the culprits, let’s talk about how to get them out of our day so we can sell.

  • Data Entry – Data entry can come in all shapes and sizes. For example, by integrating your quoting tool into your CRM or BMS you won’t need to open 100 different tabs to copy and paste each customer’s information one at a time to compare quotes. There’s no need for “death by 1,000 clicks”. You can also enroll new customers using one-click solutions that otherwise require the same 100 tab experience. Essentially anything you do that’s repetitive, we can instruct technology to replicate for you.
  • Prospecting & Researching Leads – This can come about in multiple ways, most importantly through integration. One is we can integrate all your lead sources to feed into your CRM or BMS automatically. For example, if you use Google Ads to generate leads we can connect your active ads to your system so it feeds lead information directly and creates new contacts for each one. We can even set up automatic alerts when new leads inquire so you can contact them immediately (increasing your contact probability by 2,100%). We can also automatically mine our database of current and past clients to identify prospects or current customer spouse’s now eligible during this period.
  • Scheduling Calls – Using our CRM or BMS platform we can automatically set up our prospecting schedule based on the status of leads in our pipeline. Every day our list can be modified and updated to account for new leads generated, critical follow-ups, etc. automatically based on predefined business rules. Instead of sifting through our notes and emails to see who needs to be called, we have a LIVE list structured in order of priority created for us so we never lose track of a lead.
  • Emailing – Some emails can’t be automated for obvious reasons. However, email follow-ups as touchpoints to prospects certainly can. By setting up automated workflows we can pre-build a schedule of touchpoints for every contact in your pipeline to be put on your daily schedule of calls, receive automatic email and text updates, etc. These templates can be written ahead of time to be filled automatically with information about the customer pulled directly from their file within your CRM or BMS platform.

Automatically Create More Time in Your Day


They say time is relative, it’s man-made.

Right now you may perceive there not to be enough time in the day as your neck-deep in business.

However using automation we can perform a little alchemy and create additional hours in the day for you to prospect, sell, or even shower during Open Enrollment…without letting a single lead get lost in the shuffle.

Just because the way you’ve been doing things is an accepted norm industrywide doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient nor the most profitable – but it can be understandably hard to make changes when the trains moving at 200 mph. Technology isn’t always looking to reinvent the wheel, but rather modernize it to get you where you need to more effectively.

Relief is on the way, as soon as you ask for it.

For more valuable insights about Medicare technology, check out our blog at https://stackboost.dev/blog/

P.S. I started a LinkedIn group called “Success-With-Tech for Health Insurance Brokers” where you can ask tech questions and get answers from experts and other brokers experiences. If you’re considering buying some of these valuable tools to increase your flexibility and want some feedback before pulling the trigger, ask and ye shall receive.

The Best is Yet to Come…