This is Why Your Medicare Agency Doesn’t Have Accurate Reporting

This is Why Your Medicare Agency Doesn’t Have Accurate Reporting

This is Why Your Medicare Agency Doesn’t Have Accurate Reporting

Zack Lewis : October 5 2020

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.
– Marcus Lemonis


There is an inherent flaw in most CRM and Agency Management Systems (AMS) that prevent Agency Owners from making informed decisions for the direction of their business.

The majority of these platforms aren’t designed to be integrated with the rest of the tools your team uses to conduct business.

Since your CRM/AMS platform’s built-in reporting tools can only report on the data tracked within the system, there’s always a significant portion of the story being left out of the equation.

Without integration, by default the odds are stacked against you when considering any major decision using the reports being relied upon.

It’s like assessing the success of a weight loss program solely on your weight. You need to track the food you ate, your workouts, the changes in your body fat vs muscle mass, etc. There’s a whole story behind how much you weigh and the relationship to the changes in your appearance – but the scale itself doesn’t have access to that data so you can’t make informed decisions for what’s working and what’s not based on that number alone.

The Difference Between Reporting and Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence = Clean data + Automated Reporting Process

Reporting is not the outcome it’s a process – business intelligence is the outcome.

In this framework, it helps to think of reporting’s responsibility as big brother conveying the activity of your business to the business intelligence tool – live, automatically.

The business intelligence tool’s responsibility is to carve up the activity reported and present you as an owner with the full story to make meaningful decisions from.

What Tools Can Be Integrated?


In today’s world, almost everything.

Some CRM/AMS platforms can be set up as the brain directing how the machine runs by connecting the tools used across departments including sales, operational, and executive leadership:

  • Dialer system (in addition to text messaging and webchat when using systems like Twilio Flex)
  • Email marketing
  • Quoting tools
  • Enrollment tools
  • Payroll
  • Business intelligence tools (we like Tableau)
  • Team communication and alerts through Slack
  • Calendar
  • Marketing and lead management (import and distribute leads live)
  • Social media tools
  • And many more…
End-to-End Integration Paints a Complete Picture


When your CRM or AMS is properly integrated with the tool kit your team uses to sell and originate policies, you can compare the interconnected relationships among your entire organization regardless of where the activity takes place:

  • “What’s our true cost per lead across each individual marketing channel?”
  • “Which is our best performing campaign per dollar spent?”
  • “Which campaign has produced the most sales in Arizona and Texas?”
  • “Who are my most profitable agents?”
  • “What is the lifetime value of our policies by Carrier and Geography?”
  • “How many contacts does it take before a sale is made or a lead is exhausted?”
  • “Why are policies getting kicked back from the Carrier?”
  • “What is our policy persistency and cancellation rate by agent, Carrier, customer demographics, and Region?”

*MOST IMPORTANTLY* with all the data related to your business activity being actively tracked, you can adjust your questions and modify reports to test new ideas on an ongoing basis.

Business Intelligence Allows for Informed Decision Making


When the tools your agency uses automatically feed into your CRM or AMS automatically, business intelligence allows you to carve up that information for easy viewing and informed decision-making.

Hope isn’t a good investment strategy, that’s why we need consistently reliable business intelligence.

For more valuable insights about Medicare technology, check out our blog at https://stackboost.io/blog/

P.S. I started a LinkedIn group called “Success-With-Tech for Health Insurance Agency Owners” where you can ask tech questions and get answers from experts and other brokers experiences. If you’re considering buying some of these valuable tools to and want some feedback before pulling the trigger, ask and ye shall receive.

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